The impact of the tsunami in Thailand and Indonesia, Bangladesh et al, Hurricane Katrina in the US, Typhoon Ondoy in the Philippines reveals a pattern of defects in the political, economic, cultural, psycho-social institutions that direly need to be addressed at present.

During a small group conference organized by Sen. Edgar U. Ilarde, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the 2010 Geo Hazard Mapping and Environment Summit in Quezon City at the residence of poet and writer Rolly Carbonell, Author, poet, philosopher George Sison, said:

The way we approach disaster, those in the past and especially those that are forthcoming, it almost looks like we brought these things upon ourselves.

George was saying that as if by mute agreement, we all collectively invoke disaster and will calamities to wreak damage upon ourselves and loved ones.

George was also saying that we, as a people that are called Filipinos, are the only ethnic group that apparently suffer from negative karmic vibrations that in selected places of the world, once identified as Filipinos, we are discriminated against.  In George’s experience, he says he was extremely humiliated in an airport when someone asked who were from the Philippines and segregated all those that raised their hands from  the rest and told to occupy a corner so as to be processed longer than the rest of the travelers.

Such negative karma in a collective, George says, if powerful enough can also be contributory to events that happen in the environment.

Our conventional conscious acts and thinking either make or help make storms and earthquakes to happen.  This is a dangerous thing to do. Psychically inviting peril and death.

But far from being outlandish and outrageous, George is right in a real sense.

By operation of human nature and foibles, mankind sometimes does bring horrible tragedy and adversity from disasters on itself.

On one level, those that have the power to undertake acts and measures to lessen loss from disaster, do not care about what will happen in the future.

They are more attuned to increasing their wealth, power, fame and influence. They fret and worry about the strength of their respective interest groups, political party, corporation or association, fraternal organization. They suffer many forms of anxieties over their expanding resources, or the effect on their wealth and stature of world trends.

More devastatingly, the powerful run races like rates with each other and eating up one another like dogs.  Some that are born so become even more ruthless and callous in the process.  Enslaved by their petty whims, caprices and innermost desires.

Media celebrates the triumph by proclaiming as extensively and widely as possible the victors in the gladiators’ matches.

This is clearly illustrated in this article.

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