Invitation from KL

July 4, 2011

There are harried invitations for the officers of our group to fly immediately to KL. There are some quarters who are helping to fix the problem caused by CIMB Bank Malaysia. We really would appreciate it very much if CIMB and allied entities, sounding here a call in particular to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, whose brother Dato’ Sri Nazir Razak is a Director of the Board of CIMB, will come up with concrete documentation that the problem is being resolved as fast. The maturity of the fund lodged at CIMB is coming very soon and Malaysia has laid a great opportunity to waste if there will be no solution to the problem. PM Najib, we are counting the days to July 25, 2011, the date of expiry of the fund. It will be used in part to fund the Geo Hazard Mapping and Environment Summit. kindly act on this please, as soon as humanly possible!!!

Please let it not be a total shame for the bank and Malaysia in the eyes of the world!!! God bless you!!!

Recently Japan suffered an 8.9 Magnitude earthquake with a subsequent 10-meter Tsunami following in its wake. Expected would be hundreds up to thousands dead and trillions up to quadrillions in Japanese Yen of damage.  The social loss and environmental degradation is even more devatasting with an oil refinery and many other industrial installations and facilities going up in flames or drowning and getting crushed in water. A lot of areas are affected: Fukushima, Obaida, Sendai, Hokkaido suffering the brunt of the tremor and many parts of Japan experienced minor aftershocks.

I dearly wish that Hon. Najib Tun Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia, former Defense Minister and in charge of home defense, will be reading this article because this is like an Open Letter to PM Najib Tun Razak, more than anything else.

We have been preparing for a hazard mapping summit in Manila in April 2010 with funding from abroad that was lodged as part of a fund in a Malaysian bank, the CIMB that promised to shoulder the conversion from bond to cash. It appears that the CIMB does not have any capability to make true their promise. We moved the conference to November 2010.

At this time, we have moved  to another new timetable, after the middle of 2011.

We don’t mind if the time frame keeps moving.

But disasters keep happening over the past 23 months – which is the period of delay we have  experienced due to the inadequacy of our banking institution, CIMB Bank.

Now CIMB Bank has advised us to move the fund facility to another more capable bank but that will take hundreds of thousand of U.S. Dollars to do that, as it did the first time we had the fund lodged at CIMB .  In terms of Pesos, that would rake up nearly P12,ooo,ooo. and we thought we’d already gone past that.

I need not remind Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia,  that the danger of ever present disasters are now at our doorsteps. The floodings in China, the earthquake in Taiwan, Christchurch in New Zealand, an earlier earthquake in Haiti, Taiwan and so many more.  In just 23 months.  Excellency Mr. Prime Minister Najib Razak, we were together during the ruling party of the Philippines and Malaysia’s Youth Summit in Manila in 1993.  I wrote a lot to you as chair of the international organizing committee. And you wrote me back at least a few times through your external committee head Ibrahim. We go back that far, and this time, I do need your help.

It takes so little, as a mere conference, to define  a map of hazards in our environment in full color and understandable code. But it seems that opportunity will be lost to us even longer and more disasters can come and go and then we might nearly all be dead before we know it. And where is climate change in all of these disasters?  I don’t seem to see evidence of it that we can take to courts.  These occurrences are of another phenomenon and that plus climate change, with other factors put together are what we want to dwell on during the hazard mapping summit, dear Najib.

A lot of countries have written us about their interest in the hazard and environmental summit and how they can participate.  Even members of the United Nations have early expressed their interest. It appears that only your Malaysian Bank, CIMB with your own brother in it, Najib, is the least bit interested in helping us. I cannot overemphasize Najib, that the purpose of the hazard mapping summit is to identify areas where disasters will strike the hardest, on a medium scale or in an insignificant manner.  In this way, there is surely going to be better preparations than what we have seen from the pitiful experience of Christchurch, Japan and many other countries in the past.

I hope the Prime Minister of Japan Hon. Naoto Kan, Prime Minister of New Zealand Hon. John Key, Prime Minister of Haiti Jean Max Bellerive, can put in a word to you Najib, to please allow us to hold the hazard and environmental mapping summit in Manila at least this year 2011 before new and bigger disasters come by floating currency in favor of banks like CIMB.

Act now Najib, or the cooperation we talked about in the Malaysia-Philippines Youth Summit  and the following ICAPP meetings would have been for nothing. Do something for the environment before its too late and stop worrying for a moment about other things!!!  Let the hazard mapping summit happen!!!  God bless you Najib!!! Salam aleikum!!! – Sincerely, Solomon


During the time of the former President, Her Excellency Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, it was only Elaine Bautista (now Mrs. Horn) who responded to our communiques about the project.  In the time of His Excellency Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III, I have already communicated with Sec. Voltaire Gazmin and one of my former co-workers in the ngo sector Dinky Soliman, but the only measly result of the communication was changing the name of National Disaster Coordinating Council into the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council. How awful!  Of course, I cannot blame Sec. Gazmin. You can’t even be sure if he is comfortable in his position right now.  I guess I cannot care less if the government is serious or not in wanting to help this conference push through with.  We, on the other hand, are clearly serious in wanting to help the people of this country and our neighboring countries at least get a picture of what will happen in their own future.

It was written as early as 2004 by author Ezky that journalists will be victims of bloody terror killings.  The massacre in Buluan town, Maguindanao may be election violence-related, but it is a terrorist act no less.  It is a footnote to the presentation by Ezky that members of the media will not be spared from the bloodthirsty terrorists, whether in Mindanao or elsewhere.  While the author is not necessarily saying it for the first time since journalists have been known to have suffered execution at the hands of terror groups, in this case the author is saying that journalists en masse were hoarded and killed like animals.  The same way the alleged Ampatuan private army killed the Mangudadatus and the media in Maguindanao in what is now known as the Maguindanao massacre.

Recently, Harvard University Hazard Institute (HHI) and John Carroll University experts led by Dr. Patrick Meier and Dr. Jen Ziemke partnered in organizing an event called International Conference on Crisis Mapping (ICCM 2009) in Cleveland USA on October.  Among the underlying issues for organizing the crisis mapping conference was the study of Dr. Ziemke on violence against innocent civilians. Manual map coding as part of the study was done by Dr. Ziemke to denote about forty years of conflict in an African country.

Dr. Ziemke’s findings are about the tendency of armed individuals and groups to commit violence against civilians when they are losing power.  Her case study was Angola.  She may have been saying the same about Colombia, Iraq, about many other countries in Africa and other parts of the world.

Are the Ampatuans losing power?  If they are and Dr. Ziemke’s findings are right, the political clan must have been losing power a long time ago.  The mass burial ground where the journalists were uncovered is notoriously called in Maguindanao as “Killing Fields.”  Among other things, the Ampatuans are suspect in the killings of many other enemies allegedly including a colonel in the uniformed services.  Like the others, the colonel’s vehicle was also buried in that same site.  Whether the equipment used was the same backhoe with the Ampatuan letterings in them, is no longer material.  The fact is, that site is full of bodies and is literally a mine of buried automobiles.

Perhaps the national security officials missed this part.  Although they were made aware of the Ziemke doctrine months before the Buluan Massacre, they did not have the intelligence that the Ampatuans are indeed suffering from pangs of anxiety over impending defeat.  What they knew about the incident was posthumous data, and really too late to make any judgment calls. At the time when rape and murder was taking place and the bodies were being mangled, all the authorities knew was that there was hostile boarding by the MNLF Tornado Command of the vehicles of the Mangudadatus and media persons.  No information about the bloodletting.  And yet it was known all over Maguindanao, including among the Mangudadatu clan that there will be violent acts that will be heaped upon them by the Ampatuans.

It will appear thus that the massacre was bound to happen.  In the South, among the tribal groups, there is an abnormal  cultural feature called the “ridu.”  It is similar to the vendetta, or blood feud between warring clans (or tribes) in other societies.  Muslim tribes take “ridu” very seriously and only put an end to it when well-meaning third parties initiate negotiations and settlement between the warring parties.

In this case, the “ridu” was brought a notch higher.  Supposedly, the Ampatuans were not expected to harm women.  And furthermore, there was no justification for involving media persons in the carnage.  But the act happened just the same and the women were even raped.

It is even claimed that the sister of Mayor Toto Mangudadatu while being raped by a prime suspect, stabbed the alleged rapist-murderer with her ball point pen in an area around the midsection.  Compelling evidence if the wound actually is there.  But this is all water under the bridge.  What happened will not bring back the victims to their loved ones.  And nowhere in history will journalists ever be safe again.  Along with many innocent civilians in this and selected other areas in Mindanao or elsewhere that there is serious conflict, as Ezky had many years ago foretold.

In the time of Estrada, serious talk going around in international circles was that Mindanao will become another Afghanistan.  It was even made a subject of a large international conference held in Mandarin Hotel with the people of Erap proudly receiving all the attention as the potential victim of Afghanistan-like terrorist mayhem and atrocities.  And the big brother role of the US will go to the Australians being the next door neighbors of the country and being that the Aussies can easily bring in troops to Mindanao for “humanitarian assistance.”

That is sheer bullshit.  Mindanao will not be Afghanistan.  Not if the people in this country will be wise to tell the ogres to stay the hell away and leave us in peace.  The solution is to remove the source of the hostility and the means with which to commit these barbaric atrocities.  That is easier said than done.  But it has just got to be done despite that ingenious  plan to turn Mindanao into a bigger killing field.

The discussion below gives a brief idea about ancestral domains. As much as possible, the minimum requirement for peace in Mindanao is a livable space, free from the fetters of intervention and war-mongering that rival tribes and foreign invaders in the past had undertaken. But as had been agreed upon in the peace negotiations, MILF will be granted by government with certain powers over their ancestral domain. The enemies of the peace pact cry foul. In all honesty, those that protest the annexation of selected pieces of real estate and the granting of powers of governance and self-defense are using the wrong premise. That is a practical and logical reaction since the objectors to the peace process between GRP and MILF are taking the wrong side of historical movement.

The United Nations seriously addresses the issues plaguing indigenous peoples all over the world. But even that fact will not prevent interest groups from asserting what they want others to believe as right: that tribal peoples will not be able to hold water to their money, influence and might. At the end of it, the enemies of the peace pact in Mindanao will find they are in the wrong side of the fence and will agree to compromise. By then, it will have been too late. An artificial War will have erupted into full-scale hostilities not only in Mindanao but also in Manila.

The only redeeming factor in the coming rush of violent events, is when the protestors of the peace process will be the first to die. And God-willing, I will be among those to first draw the sword to make that happen.

Ancestral Domain Claims

Understanding the ancestral domain claim of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) is not difficult. Since the period of the late Pres. Marcos, up to the time of Tita Cory, FVR and to some extent, in Erap’s time, comprehensive efforts have already been taken to give back land belonging to the tribal peoples of the Republic of the Philippines. . . .The ancestral domain awards process is not perfect. But so far, there has been scant publicity that will put the entire effort per se in a negative light. To a large extent, the awarding of ancestral domains may still be considered a success. See the rest of the post here.

Economic vs. Aborigine: A Succession of Crimes vs. Ethnic Peoples

I cannot say I like all the Muslims in the world. I do not even like all the Muslims in the Philippines! But I like some Muslims that are good, they are all too down-to-earth, very proper in their manners, very civilized in their ways, very decent, very cultured, highly intelligent and adaptive to their circumstances wherever they are. It is the evolution from, or painful genetic tolerance of, I think, the turning by the repelled mad colonizing Turks of all Muslim habitats in the Middle Earth into wastelands by slashing and burning everything then top-layering the hearth with inches and inches of salt so that no vegetation will ever grow there again! The Turks achieved their vengeance and the Middle East turned into deserts, millions of hectares of desert. The Arabs became so dirt poor that historians say, brother fought against brother, sister against sister, parents turned against children, children killed their mothers and fathers, just for a small speck of food. Many Arabs became roamers, nomads. Bedouins, as a result of the desertification by the Turks. It was a final solution against the Muslims, a ghastly genocidal, wholly vengeful act. Millions of Arab Muslims died; millions are still to die and keep dying up to this time. Millions of them were swept away by forced migration to other countries. Some reached the Philippines and converted the original tribes. They are even in Baguio City of all places! Implanted in the genes are the sufferings and responses to the insufferable environment of the arid wretched land called desert. A miracle that Arabs and other Muslims still roam the earth and we are now living amidst them and they amidst all of us. But that it is the way of nature. And Arabs and Muslims deserve more tolerance than we can muster. It is not their fault that they are what they are. Gen. Esperon, Philippine Peace Negotiator, can understand them all. He lived with them when he grew up in Mindanao. Pres. Gloria Arroyo understands all of them, too. She grew up, with Esperon as a younger tot then, with Muslims likewise in Mindanao when Pres. Macapagal let her do her growing up in Iligan. I was conceived by my parents and grew from a tadpole into a baby inside my mother’s womb in Mindanao and though I spent the most part of my childhood in Manila and Tacloban that makes me part of that place too, and long before the coming of the government-sponsored settlers to Mindanao, my family was already settled in that promised land. So it isn’t a wonder why I keep coming and coming back, over and over to that place. The promised land.

The recent ruling of the Supreme Flakes, errr, Supreme Meat Lover’s, uhuurrrm! (must be hungry to the bones), Court of the Supremes (not the singers) against an agreement between government and Mindanao tribes people, Filipinos in name, could be an issue that will be debated for all of human history.

It is a terrific, astounding violation of a natural right, the debasement of a people, their wants and desires and lifelong determination. It is plain and simple criminal stupidity and unforgiveable wanton disregard for a People’s prospect for self-help, self-reliance and self-determination. I deeply admire the Supreme Flakes Honorable Members if any, who inhibited themselves from touching this shit! But the Chief Justice is a shameless freak!!! A big big Bull shit to you man!!! Fuck you and to hell with you cold, heartless bastards!!!

The Supreme Flakes, errr… Meat Lover’s Supreme errr, Court of the Supremes, will go down or up (as the case may be) in history as the Great Solomonic Arbiter of a centuries-old issue that happened to want immediate resolution in recent time. The question is: will the baby survive after the rendering of the great Judgment? Or will the baby be sacrificed.

I venture to submit the hypothesis that the latter will be true. The baby will killed. The baby is just a figure of speech, as you might know. It does not necessarily mean that the Muslims in the South are toddlers. Their community is one of the most resilient in all of history even if subdued at times by the forces of Spain, America, Britain, Netherlands, other small and large nations — super powers as it were. Always denying the one-upmanship of others. Always fiercely independent, even if they turned into marauders, kidnappers, thieves and murderers. It was always because of their steadfast belief in self-determination and their own resolute sovereignty, and their love for their own homeland. It is really just a mighty wonder why the Republic of the Philippines’ past civil registrars ever granted Certificate of Land Titles to people like the Spaniards, Americans, Koreans, Japanese, foreign drug lords, money launderers, others in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao? It’s economics, plain and simple. And on the tail, trailing happily behind like a rabid dog, is politics.

In handing down the verdict favoring a petition by Gov. Emmanuel PIÑOL and company for temporary injunction or temporary restraining order vs. the signing at Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya, Selangor, Malaysia of the Ancestral Domain Agreement leading to a Peace Agreement between the Philippine Government — also referred to as GRP and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) in Malaysia, the Court of the Supremes set aside the millennium-long stewardship of the Maguindanao, Maranao, Tausug, Sama, Badjao, other tribes of lands in the South. Another crime against our ethnic peoples. But a pleasant economic solution for all of those who had acquired Mindanao for themselves but are not from that place and not members of tribes.

Supreme Flakes’ was a major economic victory for landowners. It was a superior conquest for the Supreme Meat Lover’s… They must be truly celebratory and euphoric at the moment. Imagine slapping in the face Malaysia, Philippines and the United States in one stroke? The Supreme Flakes also slapped other behind-the-scenes foreigners pitching in to help, but that insult was more invisible than otherwise. The US Institute for Peace (USIP), funded by US Congress but fiercely autonomous, helped the Muslims and the government find both real and imagined solutions to the Conflict and Troubles in Mindanao. Other countries were also on hand, and who knows what all their agendas might be? Hmmmm…? But they were all there to pitch in their help. I do not blame them at all for being excessively charitable.  Supreme Flakes alias SC slapped, spit and shat on them all!!!  Fuck the Supreme Flakes!!!

The government and Muslims have been at the peace talks since time immemorial. Always there was economic and political agenda on the part of the Philippines lurking behind its negotiators. Until now. There was more tolerance, acceptance, you could even say, love. I don’t know about the sex, it’s for you to find out, but I imagine you have to throw in a lot of nerve into the negotiators to keep indulging in something so trivial. Sex? Trivial? Ask the Malaysians in Marriot Hotel, dearie… was Phing Lacson so envious he was not invited there? Wrong question students! And Ms. Paminta at Laurel Legarda, she was frothing in the mouth over broadcast about the need for the Supreme Flakes’ order. Wow! What does she have to get out of it? Imagine there is none, owww, I don’t believe that bull…!!!

Be that as it may, the agreement between the Philippines and the Muslims would have been a fair one even if it went as far as Congressman Teodoro Locsin said, creating another Afghanistan. Who cares? The Filipinos and foreigners have raped Mindanao and Sabah for a long, long time! Committed excesses and crimes against the tribal peoples, not only in Mindanao but also in Visayas and Luzon in the Philippine Islands! It is high time to repay those crimes. It just happened that the religion of some of the tribes in Mindanao is Islam. That is the complication in the whole equation. But it was Islam in the Arab Land, the Middle East, the entire Muslimdom that made the Turks resent the Arabs and subject them to genocide; kill them, burn their land, place them in eternal jeopardy. So there is a little poetic justice in all that. Be that as it may be shitty…

Maguindanao and the Peace Agreement

The Maguindanaos are the dominant tribe in the MILF. Before the agreement was cooked up, the late leader of MILF who wrote to the US President many years ago for help in making peace in Mindanao was a Maguindanao. An honorable fellow, Salamat Hashim, erstwhile chair of MILF. Member of the Maguindanao royalty. Estrada and his blood thirsty lieutenants made war on Salamat and his band of warriors in what Estrada called, all-out-Hitlerian-war. (I did not know that Estrada was a Hitlerite. Well, at least he wears that famous moustache, too… so he probably really is…) The Maguindanaos, have family, blood links with the Indonesians. A function of the migration in the early times, it was. Maguindanao Royalty are fully related by blood to the Indonesian Royalty. Did you know that Indonesia and Malaysia have Kings and that they are one way or another related to one another? Including the real, old Royalty of Brunei? Queens? Princesses? Ladies-in-Waiting? They do!

There is so much to expect from peace agreement between the GRP and the MILF. Much to expect from a peace pact between dominantly Malay Filipinos and Indo-Maguindanaos. Even if the new autonomous entity in Mindanao will be entirely different in its ways and governance than the Malacañang-governed government of the Republic of the Philippines, it is something to revel about. If someday the relations will work out, the autonomous government in Mindanao might lead to the annexation of two new entities, an independent Sabah and an independent region of Muslims in Mindanao. Again it must be pointed out, that a huge number of Filipinos are in Sabah. Disregarding religion, Sabah was part of the Philippines in the early times. As a result, a lot of Filipinos lived in Sabah while their relatives were in the Philippines and vice versa. People without relations in either places commuted to and fro because of brisk barter trade between Malaysia and the Philippines and this allowed inter-marriages. Or opened up inter-regional migration. So now, many Malaysians live in the Philippines and Filipinos in Sabah. This is the same with the Indonesians and Maguindanaos. A lot of Indonesians came and have been coming to the Philippines time and again while Filipinos go to Indonesia to visit their relatives. Even Ms. Vina Morales, a Philippine singer-actress celebrity is a member of the extended Royal Family of the Maguindanao Sultanate. That is why Robin Padilla keeps pestering her about his love and desire to be a Prince of the Maguindanao Sultanate someday.

There is a problem when all the underlying connections and functional relations between ethnic peoples, albeit, even countries, are hidden beneath what is visible to the eye or taken for granted by those that are aware of them. Now that these submerged relations and links are being brought to the fore, the resistance from economic and political interests are too great and too deep to fathom! Comes the Supreme Flakes, resolute and grim, insufferable and devoid of any historical perspective, legal and omnipotent, ever possessed with knowledge and Reasons but not the Ultimate Reason. Comes the politicians and economic giants getting together and filing a case with the Supreme Flakes, and offering their Kingdom’s Reasons. Supreme Flakes crumbles and bows to the politicians and economic giants.

The surfacing of the commonalities will flounder and there will be a going-underground motion again and duck-diving for our brothers and sisters who have suffered enough from the crimes of their fellow humans in this part of the world. As if the same had not been happening and cruelly enough in many other parts of the world as well. In Albania, Croatia, Chechnia, in the Silk Road of China, in the other Muslim parts of Russia, etc.

Humanity must end is scourge of the Tribal Peoples. Even if it means giving them a Muslim Government, that must be done. For God’s sake, if the Supreme Flakes are really sincere in doing their thing, then they must issue an Order against allowing the Dinagats from living in the mountains of Antipolo, Tanay, other places in the world because Christians and other people including us Malays have driven them away from their habitats near the sea and rivers. (That’s why they are called Dinagats in the first place, idiots!) The Supreme Flakes should drive the Tausug from their residences near the sea in Sulu. Like the term Dinagat, Tausug also means people of the sea. The Supreme Flakes should even let all the Tribal Peoples suffer genocide.

As flaky as they seem, the Supreme Flakes are like the Turks who murdered millions of Arabs over the centures, laid barren the Middle East in one sweep, and made a valuable contribution to history: the creation of a perfect, super desert. And don’t think that only Arabs were victims there. The Israelites were also hit by the Supreme Flakes… errr… Turks!!! Shit!!!

The TRO is an economic and political triumph! Wow!!! But it reeks of carabao manure and it patently, fuckingly shitty!!! It is a sort of a Cory Aquino response to problems that cannot be solved: “Hoy, everyone, everyone, I do not know this question, can you produce a study? Form a committee for God’s sake! I’m going to my mahjong session and this is delaying me! Shit!!!” The Supreme Flakes, the businesspersons and politicians are urging all the elements and objects in the entire Universe to study the problem and perchance, form a committee… or perhaps a multitude of Babylonic committees…

If I did not know that the Supreme Flakes accepted big big bribes since the 70s, I would never have questioned the TRO. If they were truly honorable, I would have just slept soundly thereafter and for some time, allowed them to shit on their crime against our ethnic brothers and sisters in the south…