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What is a Sustainable Remedy to Terrorism?

France attacker22bd901e-6116-434a-bc87-245f15aa47c3_800Printing facility outside Paris where two of the terrorists were neutralized

France just suffered from deadly terrorist attack. The policemen and civilian victims were struck with high powered weapons by terrorists claiming to be ISIS but that authorities are saying are members of and trained by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

images (5)Islamic State leader, al-Baghdadi

Whatever the affiliation of those terrorists, it does not matter. What matters is the question that had been ringing in our ears for more than a decade now: Does the Military and law enforcement need to redesign, re-engineer their existing war and peacekeeping method?  Most certainly, they do.

Both military and police science are incontrovertibly applying biblical, Judaic, or else Confucian as well as variants of the marriage of eastern and western strategy and tactics in the conduct of warfare or militia work.

The question is, are…

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Staying away from trouble

August 16, 2008

I am not willing to bet that their will be a war in the country. However, at this time, I think it would be prudent to be prepared. Politicians, other kinds of interest groups are all agog over the what Girbaudz called portent of war. In reality, the events to come are more of the terror kind. Everyone is therefore advised to be both sober but also perennially observant, vigilant, cautious and prudent. Going to malls is still not advised against, but take an occasional look at this blog, at Girbaudz’s Universe, at Shepherd of Lions Gathering and linked blogs. Some announcements may be made in the near future. You might just save your day.