Uninvisible, Unsilent World War

January 28, 2015

Katihan ng Katutubo ng Tatlong Daluyong

France attacker22bd901e-6116-434a-bc87-245f15aa47c3_800François Hollande 2zdEqJ-q3d-200x113150108121458-07-paris-shooting-0108-large-169

Emerging Africa major threat groups that cross transnational bordersBoko Haram150103001318-boko-haram-file-large-11

The forthcoming rally in France will be unprecedented. While past cooperation between erstwhile enemies have taken place mostly in neutral territory, the coming of the leadership of Spain to France to show solidarity against terror and whatever else that is behind and propelling it, is a great historical milestone.

History will show how deep the enmity that came to develop between France and Spain in the old times.

The so-called usurpation of powers, treachery, vengeance, mutually assured destruction between the two former royalties spanned centuries – even millennia.

Today, with the biggest combine in the world – the United Nations – not having any immediate solution to the uninvisible, unsilent emerging world war – that is actually a proxy war openly featuring the ISIS or ISIL and such insignificant, hitherto obscure groups like Boko Haram, former enemies embrace each other as a…

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