Understanding Faurat – Muslims, Revolution

January 28, 2015

The Center for CEOs, Executive Safety

2nd of a series

Towards new doctrines on standards in engagement

In the 1st part of this series, we expounded on the dearth of the true Islamic component within the Islamic State, many other terrorist groups (Mideast, South Asian, ASEAN or African, Mediterranean models).

In that discussion, we arbitrarily assign the Jamaat – or the movement of liberation type of template. This model has more commonality with Marxist, Leninist, Nietzsche, or other similar left-of-center political ideologies or Nazi Ultra-Rightist that struggles to appear to be from the other end of the spectrum.

Russian, Chinese, German, Libyan, Cuban, Cambodian, other models in revolution, have many aspects in common with the mold however it can be said that much of the intellectual aspects of the political myth of the revolution needed to be adapted to the specific environment. In a more contentious manner, we can almost say that the myth is…

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