Sharing Information A Very Difficult Process

January 28, 2015

The Center for CEOs, Executive Safety

French President François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande, France’s security workers, police and the people of that bastion of Liberté could possibly be in big trouble.

François Hollande

But they will not be alone. The United States, Philippines along with a large chunk of Asia, Israel (an almost 100% likely target always), among several other highly vulnerable countries will be targeted. In the recent attacks in Paris’ (multiple attacks against Charlie Hebdo offices), the Al Qaeda supposedly takes responsibility for the attack. This is mostly just interlocking with the current wave of Iraq-Syria Islamic State group’s highly organized and determined terror acts fueling a vision of a world war.

The Al Qaeda, dominantly Sunni but on many occasions accommodating members of the other faction of Islam – the Shiites – is nearly in a state of collapse even if its remnants are still mostly burning with the same fervor and dedication with…

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